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Some of the prototypes, experiments and work currently being created at the studio.

Functional programming with Clojure - A mind expanding 3 day workshop in Belgrade.

Weekly tablets for a person with MS. Lots of insights from an intensive 3 day MS preceptorship course

Our new intern Mark connecting physical & digital. #ArduinoCrashCourse

Our lovely new Garlando football table arrives

Tiling UX research at “You Can Do It” B&Q workshop

A visit to the Harris paintbrush factory in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Seeing their production process first hand.

Our recent studio trip to Rainham’s Landfill and MRF provided some great project insights

Our new studio climbing toy

Arduino rig for measuring multiple kettle boiling metrics - temperature, current, weight, time.

Our Energy Trumps showcased at a design tools symposium @ The Institute of Design Research Vienna.

Conducting teardowns across a range of kettles to better understand their construction.

Experimenting with light control

"…this is 100% going to whistle"


Vacuum + Silicone Tubing. Starting to prototype for an Air Pollution model.

Connected kettle experiments

Wireless temperature experiment.

It’s hotting up in the studio.

A visit to Barbara Hepworth’s studio in St. Ives. Amazing to see it left exactly as it was when she was still alive.  

Ever thought what was inside of and LED chip? 

User experience research day with B&Q

Specifying low embodied energy materials for our new studio extension

LED driver teardown research

An awesome infinity mirror effect

The only way to disassembly this LED bulb… a heat gun.

Powder coated steel circles - a strong and vibrant paint finish

A quick capacitive sensing rig using an Arduino.

Adam working on gait for a crowd animation.

An evening project for friends, some giant lightbulb lettering coming up.

LED light panel

Nationwide HQ install. Day 1.


The new wirelessly enabled Roberts Rambler

Roberts Rambler + Raspberry Pi + WiFi receiver + USB sound card + Mono Amplifier + USB battery pack.

Interesting discussion over future material scarcity at the House of Lords this evening.

Experimenting with infinity.

Kenwood failure within 10 uses. We’re alarmed at how short lived this is - with no way to repair it, most of these will end up in landfill. 

Everything is at 45 degrees in the workshop today.

Featured in ‘Cause and Effect’ book

Development of our new embodied energy tool

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