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Some of the prototypes, experiments and work currently being created at the studio.

Setting up our booth for the Resource circular economy trade show in London.

Making a 3D printed jig for assembling the next iteration of our hydrogen fuel cell design for Arcola Energy

QC Time. An internet connected testing rig for measuring repeated dispense volumes from the PullClean handle

CNC milled Corian sculpture ready for projection mapping

Our world map sculpture getting installed on site

Rich at TU Delft to talk about toasters, lightbulbs and tool hire for #ProductsThatLast conference

At the manufacturers seeing our Corian sheets being bonded together before 5 axis milling begins

A proprietary fixing, snap-fits, security screws and solder. Obstacles to overcome to replace a £5 battery and save a £150 toothbrush from an unnecessary early death

Some of our projects are currently being exhibited at ‘The future is here’ exhibition at the RMIT Design Hub in Melbourne

We were invited over to Berlin by Novelis to check out their new Aluminium recycling centre - The largest in the world!

Testing specimens at the studio. Hands-on drug resistance research

Beginning to assemble the new workshop storage

User testing a new health information website with patients at The Royal London Hospital

Human scientists, designers and engineers form a skunkworks team to kick-off our new internal project

Mac Pro + 4k Monitors = Hardware setup to kickstart development on an exciting new project

Our seed packaging has gone into production. A 30,000 unit promotional run for Mutti

Household waste being loaded into the hopper for incineration

Research trip to an energy recovery facility as part of a Great Recovery pilot design residency

The Agency of Design new HQ

Moving into our new studio space

Research trip. Looking at the incredible scale of industrial horticulture

Lots of mechanical engineering this month on exciting hydrogen fuel cell technology

Measuring realtime ambient light levels across a faceted canvas

Playing with BERG’s devshield through their new Web API.

Functional programming with Clojure - A mind expanding 3 day workshop in Belgrade.

Weekly tablets for a person with MS. Lots of insights from an intensive 3 day MS preceptorship course

Our new intern Mark connecting physical & digital. #ArduinoCrashCourse

Our lovely new Garlando football table arrives

Tiling UX research at “You Can Do It” B&Q workshop

A visit to the Harris paintbrush factory in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Seeing their production process first hand.

Our recent studio trip to Rainham’s Landfill and MRF provided some great project insights

Our new studio climbing toy

Arduino rig for measuring multiple kettle boiling metrics - temperature, current, weight, time.

Our Energy Trumps showcased at a design tools symposium @ The Institute of Design Research Vienna.

Conducting teardowns across a range of kettles to better understand their construction.

Experimenting with light control

"…this is 100% going to whistle"


Vacuum + Silicone Tubing. Starting to prototype for an Air Pollution model.

Connected kettle experiments

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